Lincoln Park Jewish Center

Upcoming Events

 December 1 - Shabbaton starts at the Modern Orthodox synagogue with Mincha service at 3:50 pm, followed candle lighting in the synagogue, and kabbalat Shabbat service (welcoming the Sabbath). A traditional and delicious Shabbat dinner follows, catered by GO Kosher of Mt. Kisco, featuring hot chicken soup with matzoh balls and noodles; vegetables, kasha varnishkes, and a choice of either roast, lemon or BBQ organic chicken.

  Our Shabbat experience will be enhanced by the presence of Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider, who will be bringing to Yonkers his new book about Hannukah, The Light That Unites. Rabbi Goldscheider was the former Rabbi of Mt. Kisco Hebrew Congregation, but now lives in Jerusalem, and is also the author of The Night That Unites Haggadah, and served as Coordinator of Outreach Training for smicha students at Yeshiva University-affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.

December 3 - 9:30 am to 11 am Learn Hebrew! Free Hebrew class

Every Sunday for 6 weeks

December 17 - LPJC Hanukkah party 5 pm

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